The idea for Le bibble® came while feeding my three-month old daughter a bottle that had leaked out from under the cap all over her neck and clothes – and for the hundredth time. Originally, I thought that I must have been doing something wrong. But, no matter how I put on the cap, it always leaked. Fed up with the mess, I decided to make something myself to absorb the dribbles. So I designed Le bibble® (bib + bottle) – a bib fit for a bottle. As baby bottles could also use a makeover, I factored in style and creative design both as a matter of mom self-expression and to have a little fun. I also wanted to eliminate a separate feeding issue we had. My daughter always finished her bottle with just enough chin dribble to require wiping but not so much to necessitate a burp cloth. I gave Le bibble® an absorbent organic underlay to easily wipe little chins so to save mom from having to put down the bottle and search for a burpie.

After making an interesting hand-sewn prototype, I decided I should borrow a sewing machine from a friend and learn the craft. Hundreds of fabrics and samples later, I had the ‘official’ prototype. My daughter became the Le bibble® test pilot. And then the unexpected: my daughter was constantly playing and holding onto Le bibble®. She was immediately attracted to the vibrant colors and soft fabric. To make it a little more interesting for her I designed a protruding logo tag as a kind of cloth handle. Soon every time she had her bottle, her little fingers went directly to the tag to touch and twist. She soon came to use Le bibble® to pick up, hold and maneuver the bottle. Le bibble® worked!

So I decided to spread the good news and make Le bibble® available to others who may be suffering from any of these feeding issues, including leaky bottle syndrome, chin dribbles, bottle confusion (it happens), boring bottle, possibly bored baby, or for any of those who simply want more from their bottle.

So try Le bibble® – and you will never be able to look at a baby bottle the same! And later on we’d love to hear from you. If you have ideas or comments on the design or another mom problem you want funfunctional® to solve , please let us know. We are trying to enhance the parenting experience, and take comments to heart.

We hope you enjoy Le bibble® as much as we do. Happy Feeding!

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