Cho. Be. Art and Design was started in 2010 after I was diagnosed with a extremely rare life-threatening autonomic nervous system disease. I felt like there was no time like the present to take my life into my own hands and start doing what I love.

I try really hard not to limit myself to one style of art. I have styles that I specialize in, but I work in all areas of art and design. I do graphic design, print-work, web design, photography, jewelry design, ceramics, etc. I love to experiment and try new things, I feel that when I do that I continue to grow and learn and it helps my art. You will find a selection of all sorts in my shop and if you follow me on Facebook and Instagram I use it to get input from you, to host giveaways, and to show off new projects!

I live in Fargo, North Dakota with my husband Drew, my Great Dane Margot, and cat Adelaide, and sell locally at an awesome collaborative store called The Studio and internationally online at

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